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A long road for the Hubble Repair Mission

Issues being approached for the Hubble Repair Mission are due to ground diagnosis for the telescope, using clues from telemetry by NASA similar to a mysterious “CSI Goddard Mission” based on little things viewed or obtained through data. But the hardware is not on the ground, so newly developed tools are being designed to handle […]

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The Search for the God Particle

Seventy-nine year old Professor Peter Higgs believes that the God-Particle will be found by the simple act of switching on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Organization for Nuclear Researcher (CERN), located below the Franco-Swiss border. And now that the switch has been turned on, he still feels it is necessary to understand […]

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The Unintelligence of the Intelligent Physics

Maybe it was the $100 dollar bet that Stephen Hawkings made regarding the inability of CERN to find the elusive particle seen as “a holy grail of cosmic science”, after the LHC was turned on. Or maybe it was the exhausting hours by the CERN team preparing for the LHC project over many years. Or […]

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